My family history research journal (on Blogger from April 2012 to July 2017 and on WordPress from August 2017) expands the information in my family tree, telling some of the stories that go with the names and dates I have collected there.

The people I write about are mostly from the families of Boltz, Cavenagh-Mainwaring, Champion de Crespigny, Cross, Cudmore, Dana, Gilbart, Manock, Plowright, Sullivan, Way and Young.

If you and I might be related I would be delighted to hear from you (ay.familyhistory at gmail dot com). I am happy to provide records and other evidence to support my conclusions. I also might have something wrong and am happy to correct mistakes.

I have a family tree at ancestry.com and it contains most of my evidence, for example records and images of certificates. I am happy to share my tree. You do not need a paid subscription to view.

I have also started an online research journal covering the history of Avoca during World War 1. Avoca is a small town in the goldfields of Victoria, Australia.

You can read a bit more about me from a 2015 interview at Geneabloggers: May I introduce you to … Anne Young by Wendy Matthias

I do not accept sponsorship for this online research journal, nor do I write paid articles, nor do I accept contributions of any type from any vendor in order to review any product, etc. In fact, I pay a premium price to prevent ads from appearing on this blog.

All posts on this website are my own thoughts and research unless another author is noted.  As such I have copyright in the content. I am happy for people to refer to my content provided they make note of the source. It is my aim to always provide the same courtesy to others. I hope that some of my research experiences and reflections are useful to others. Many thanks and happy researching.



As well as researching my own and my husband’s family history, I research for other people. I am a member of the Australasian Association of Genealogists and Record Agents. My business website can be viewed here.

17 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Anne, thanks for the follow via A to Z ! I visited your lovely genealogical blog, and I think it’s great! Sorry I can’t leave a comment there (no Google for me), so I hope you’ll see this one. I’m looking forward to reading your A to Z posts though, so I signed up for email updates 🙂

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  2. Hello Anne,
    Theresa Walker was my great, great aunt. Her sister, Martha, was my great, great grandmother. Martha’s daughter, Eva Caroline, married another Berkeley, Reginald Maurice, they had a son, Maurice Reginald, who was my father’s father. I have found your blog most interesting. Thank you!

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  3. Colin Hose said:

    Hello Anne, so pleasing to read about your family history. I am also writing a book about Charles Hose, who as you know took over the duties in the Baram District, Sarawak of Claude Champion de Crispigny 1829-1884, any information you can give me about Claude would be gratefully appreciated.
    Best Wishes
    Colin Hose

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  4. Caroline Ferguson said:

    Hello, I came across this site after looking at the Vivian/Crespigny links – Eliza C de Crespigny married Richard Hussey Vivian. There is also Crespigny House in Suffolk,which became a school in the 1800s. I note there are links with the Langhorne family – Claud Granville Lancaster marrying the niece of Nancy Astor/nee Langhorne.
    I am trying to trace an obscure branch of the Sykes family(Tatton Sykes’ cousins) -Violet Rose Sykes married Claude Raoul Crespigny.

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  5. I’m directly descended from Rev Francis Tuckfield. I’ve just discovered your blog and have enjoyed your writing. I’ve learnt a few things that I hadn’t previously known. Well done on your writing; I particularly appreciate your thorough referencing.

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  6. Caroline Ferguson said:

    I found a link with Valerie C de C(1883-1978) through the late Miranda Smiley/Guinness who was a 1st cousin of David Smiley – Valerie’s son. (I have previously left a comment about a link to the Sykes family)

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  7. Charles Finny said:

    36 ii Arthur William Magee Finny Died Wing Commander Royal Airforce 21 January 1943 Buried Stoke upon Tern St Peter Churchyard Shropshire (training flight that went wrong)

    Arthur never married nor had children.

    Thanks for the excellent work you have done on these families.

    I am the grandson of Arthur’s brother Edmund John Champion de Crespigny Finny

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  8. Winson Saw said:

    Hello Anne Young,

    I am doing a research about Col.Orfeur Cavenagh,Governor of Straits Settlements.I do have a lots information about him in the Straits Settlements.Are you interested?.Can you please share some group pictures of him with officials of which is taken in Singapore or Straits Settlements?.

    Seasons greetings,
    Winson Saw


  9. Ken Miller said:

    Hello Anne,

    I have been researching an ancestor of mine by the name of James Ware. He drowned when he fell off Point Lonsdale Pier on Dec 2 1906. Dr Champion tried to “reanimate” him but to no avail. There are numerous newspaper articles about this tragedy in the following week. I am trying to clarify if Dr Champion and Dr Constantine Trent Champion De Crespigny are the same person?
    Thank you in advance for your reply.


    • Dear Ken. Dr Champion was a different doctor to my great grandfather. The newspaper reports, for example,
      Point Lonsdale Tragedy. (1906, December 4). Mount Alexander Mail (Vic. : 1854 – 1917), p. 2. Retrieved January 16, 2019, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article199634774, all refer to Dr Champion and my great grandfather was always referred to with Crespigny in his surname.



  10. JANE MCMAHON said:

    Thank you Anne for the most enjoyable read. I like the challenge format and thoroughly appreciate the organised, well referenced and wide ranging focus of your blog … primarily family history and in time can take a lead from this example. Keep writing and I’m sure I’ll keep enjoying. Best wishes, Jane

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  11. James Hayward said:

    Dear Anne

    After having had the pleasure of meeting a direct descendant of Anne Champion de Crespigny (nee Fonnereau) at Christchurch Manison earlier this month (where I am one of the volunteer guides), I thought I would improve my knowledge of the family’s history by doing some research on line. In doing so, I stumbled upon your fascinating and impeccably researched blog. Are you writing up all your recent experiences in England? I do hope so. I have subscribed to the blog, and it may be that some of the other guides (who are equally passionate about the history of the families with connections to Christchurch Mansion) will subscribe, too. With very best wishes to you and your family. Kind regards, James Hayward

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    • Many thanks James. Yes I will indeed write up my visit when we get home. We had a lovely day in Ipswich and were so pleased to see the house and portraits 🙂


  12. Hi, Anne
    I can see I’m going to be spending a lot of time reading your site! We have a couple of mutual surnames on our trees. A wonderful site and a lot of work! All the best, Bronwyn.

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  13. Trelubbas was once 99 acres there is a 1840 Tithe map with field numbers owners and tenants.

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